Wide wide dress

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Comment ça je vous poste ma tenue pour aller au dodo?
Ca va pas bien la tête, non?
Ok, j’avoue, je pourrais laaaaaaaaaaaargement, mais alors laaaaaaaaaaaaaargement dormir dans cette robe/poncho/cape/chemise/whatever tellement elle est d’un confort aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolu.
Je vous le concède.
Mais ça n’est pas un pyjama, hell no, c’est même une vraie robe, d’une vraie marque qu’on aime plutôt bien et qui malgré les apparences est dans la plus petite taille du modèle,trendy mood, c’est pour dire comme il ont laaaaaaaaaaargement coupé cette, euh, appellons-là robe s’il vous plaît.
Pour me faire plaisir…
Evidemment, with such a « dress », on tombe facilement dans le piège du confortissimo outfit, c’est à dire qu’on attrape un tee-shirt manches longues que l’on glisse dessous, ici gris chiné pour contraster, une paire de collants opaques ou un legging en laine ou coton, une paire de boots plates ici des Minnetonka et le tour est joué.
Confort + quelques détails mode (tartan et franges) = on n’est pas trop à la ramasse, tout va bien.
Ah oui?
Selon vous à part à la laaaaaaaaaaargement cool on ne peut pas porter cette robe/poncho/cape/chemise/whatever de manière une peu plus trendy youpi,chaussure femme??
J’ai envie de vous dire que… si.
On part de la même base, robe + tee shirt auxquels nous ajoutons une « pointe de wild »: le leopardo di foulardo, une paire de low boots sérieusement talonnées marrons ainsi qu’une pochette vintage.

Evidemment, on ne choisira pas cette tenue pour une réception de l’ambassadeur, même si la largeur de la robe permettrait l’engloutissement total de tous les plateaux de Ferrero Rochers sans même qu’on puisse le deviner!
Bref, elle ne sera jamais chic ni même habillée ma petite serpillère préférée.
Mais bien accessoirisée, elle fait son petit effet, qu’il soit pour vous « berk » ou « yeah »!
Robe: Maje (collection hiver 2008/09)
Tee shirt gris chiné, collants opaques et boots à talons: H&M
Bottes frangées: Minnetonka
Leopardo di fourlardo: Zara
Pochette vintage: Freep’Star

Yezz Andy AZ4.5, un smartphone Android dédié aux séniors

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Le secteur des smartphones pour séniors est en légère progression,Housses Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Aux côtés de Doro, le spécialiste de ce marché, on trouve également le fabricant Yezz qui vient d’annoncer son Andy AZ4.5.

Le Yezz Andy AZ4.5 ne se limite pas à un téléphone ultra basique puisqu’il tourne sous Android. Il s’agit d’une version modifiée de la plateforme avec des icônes plus larges et une interface simplifiée. Ainsi, la home page de l’écran 4,5 pouces se contente d’afficher six fonctionnalités. Notez que la dalle semble manquer de luminosité et les angles de vision sont un peu justes. Un système permet d’épeler les chiffres ou les lettres que vous tapez sur le clavier. Idéal pour éviter les erreurs de numéros de téléphone. Comme sur la plupart des smartphones pour séniors, on trouve une touche SOS au dos de l’appareil, qui permet de lancer automatiquement un appel vers un contact préenregistré. Pas besoin de chercher un numéro dans le menu en cas d’urgence.

yezz andy

Pour le reste, le smartphone est équipé d’un processeur double coeur 1,2 GHz. Android permet d’accéder au Play Store et ainsi de télécharger les applications de votre choix. La photo est au rendez-vous avec un appareil 5 millions de pixels. Vous pourrez loger deux cartes SIM et la mémoire interne est de 4 Go,Coques Samsung Galaxy Note. On parle d’une disponibilité du Yezz Andy AZ4.5 à la fin du mois de mars au prix de 180 euros.

yezz andy

Device Review Nvidia SHIELD

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NV_Shield_Angled_Left_RealBoxing_LRBack in January, I was lucky enough to be asked to represent XDA at CES. In my experience, one of the most exciting things unveiled at this year’s CES was the Nvidia’s “Project SHIELD.” Here we are, just over six months later, and SHIELD is no longer a “Project,” but a full-fledged, consumer-ready device.

In the middle of June, I ended up with a SHIELD in my hands, direct from the people at Nvidia. We were given a demonstration, allowed to try it out, and then sent away with one, and sworn to secrecy (in a manner of speaking).

Over the last month and a half or so, I thoroughly put the SHIELD through its paces, testing it with various games, benchmarks, and the like. Today, I bring you my conclusions. But first things first; let’s talk about the hardware of the SHIELD.

Video Courtesy of Twil.tv Plays



1.9 GHz Quad-Core NVIDIA Tegra 4




5 inch 1280×720 (294 ppi) Multi-Touch Retinal

Internal Storage

16 GB Flash Memory


802.11n 2×2 Mimo Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS


3 Axis Gyro, 3 Axis Accelerometer


28.8 Watt Hours ~= 7350mAh

For the most part, the SHIELD is somewhat confusing when it comes to the hardware specifications. The brand-new Tegra 4 processor promises tons of power, while maintaining good battery life while not in use with that ninja fifth core. 2 GB of RAM is very much on par with the current flagship devices we’ve seen recently. The HUGE battery means you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice on a long flight, and far surpasses pretty much every other mobile device on the market. Nvidia estimates 4-5 hours of “Tegra 4-enhanced” gameplay time, with up to 10 hours of other Android gaming per charge. I’ve definitely seen it hold up to those estimates, though I don’t have stats to back it up—just personal experience.

That said, some of the specs don’t match up. The screen is 720p, when most newer devices offer 1080p. This didn’t prove to be much of an issue for me, but I thought I’d mention it. The internal storage is limited to 16 GB (with ~12 GB usable out of the box), which seems very tight when you start installing games. However, with a microSD slot, you can at least expand the storage if you like. The wireless is 802.11n, which is still fast. However with 802.11ac devices coming out, could be dated quickly. And it comes with Bluetooth 3.0, when 4.0 would offer much more device connectivity while still saving battery life (Fitbit devices, Pebble watch, Metawatch, etc.)

Even with the strange mixture of specs, the performance of this device was amazing. And while benchmarks aren’t necessarily a good judge of a device, this one knocks them all out of the park. Specifically, I ran Quadrant Standard and Antutu on this device, and when compared with most other devices in the field, SHIELD performed amazingly well.

SHIELD Benchmarks
SHIELD Benchmarks


The software is one area where I think the device really shines, particularly because of its relative simplicity. For the most part, it’s stock Android (4.2.1, for those interested), with a highly modified version of Nvidia’s TegraZone app preinstalled. This of course comes along with tweaks and binary blobs as necessary to make the controller work and pull in optimizations for the GPU.

Nvidia has made an excellent effort so far to provide regular updates for the device, as well. At the time of writing, they are on release 50 of the SHIELD firmware, and the update process is just as painless as it is for the grand majority of other Android devices, but with no wireless carrier standing in the way to block those updates. (I’m looking at you,Cover iPhone 4, Verizon…)

Video Courtesy of Twildottv

Android Gaming

Of course you can’t talk about an Android-based gaming device without discussing Android gaming on said device. Nvidia has provided a list of 100 suggested titles currently working appropriately with SHIELD. Some are Tegra-optimized, and some aren’t. Some are paid, and some are free. I’ve tried quite a few of these titles myself, and for the most part, I’ve been extremely pleased with the results. One of my chief complaints about Android gaming before receiving the SHIELD was the loss of screen real estate when I had to put my thumbs on the screen to control the movement of my character. With the controller on the SHIELD, I simply move the joysticks, press the buttons and/or triggers, and fun times are had.

With that in mind, there are still a large number of games out there that just don’t support controllers, and may never support them. Gameloft for example, with their massive Android game library, does not provide generic controller support, and has no intention of supporting them from everything I’ve read. That’s a bit of a bummer to be honest, but is in no way the fault of Nvidia or the SHIELD device.

I suppose it’s just a matter of time and patience to see if more Android games will be moving toward offering controller support. In fact, with the decent success of the OUYA, it’s entirely possible that the next generation of Android gaming will focus more heavily on controller support. That said, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to poke at the companies behind your favorite titles to see if they’re planning on adding support, and to let them know if you’re interested.

Video Courtesy of Twil.tv Plays

PC Streaming

When SHIELD was announced, having an Android device with a decent controller attached to it was interesting and all, but the one thing that really made it stand out for me was the option for PC streaming. I, like a lot of people, have a reasonably powerful gaming computer at home,. And while I really enjoy sitting down with a keyboard, mouse, and giant monitor to play games; it’s not always possible. When my in-laws are in town, I can’t simply sit in my office and play games the whole time. But if I’m carrying the SHIELD around, now I can play those same games (at least the ones on Steam) anywhere in the house! With a large number of Steam games moving in the direction of offering full controller support, it seems like a match made in heaven to have a wireless controller with a small display attached to it, offering you portability and mobility for your gaming (provided you stay within the confines of your wireless signal).

Video Courtesy of Twil.tv Plays

However, it should be noted that PC streaming is still a beta feature, so it’s not 100% perfect yet, and there are PC hardware requirements that are quite a bit higher than the minimum requirements for most games you’d actually play. As far as the graphics card, you must have an Nvidia GTX 650 or higher in your desktop. Laptop support is not currently available, though it was suggested early on that when it does become available, a GTX 660m or higher would be required. The rest of the PC requirements aren’t that bad. An Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II X4 or higher, 4+ GB of RAM, and Windows 7 / 8+. Definitely not bottom of the line or “budget,” but pretty much required if you want to play any games with decent performance even without SHIELD. The networking requirement was a bit interesting too. 802.11g works (I tested it with a Linksys WRT54G router), but as you might expect, lower bandwidth means lower resolution. The video quickly became blocky in graphics-intensive games and looked rough. Gameplay was unaffected, but it definitely wasn’t a “premium” experience. When a 5 GHz 802.11n router was substituted, the games were beautiful, playback was very fluid and smooth, and everything was quite enjoyable.


Cutting to the crux of the issue (this is XDA Developers, right?), development looks like it’s going to be quite interesting on this device. Between the support of XDA Recognized Developer (and Nvidia employee) agrabren in the SHIELD forum, the Open Source Resources provided by Nvidia in terms of build instructions and factory images, the release of Kernel sources, and the ability to easily unlock and root your device using common tools like fastboot and Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire’s SuperSU,Custodia Samsung Galaxy S4, I would foresee a lot of possible development coming from the XDA community. It even appears that agrabren has already done an initial port of CWM for SHIELD.


The time I’ve spent with this device has been excellent. Game selection is still a bit limited, but there are quite a few titles that are ready for prime time as far as SHIELD is concerned. The controller, in my experience, is very comfortable in the hand. The battery lasts for a very long time while playing games, and for even longer when you’re simply browsing the web or watching videos. Being able to stream games from your PC to a handheld device anywhere in the house, while it may seem impractical, can be very handy in some instances. It’s not necessarily something I’m going to do 100% of the time, but when I need a quick Skyrim fix but don’t want to be cooped up in my office, I can be anywhere in the house and keep right on playing.

For more of my impressions of the device, make sure to check out the video review available on the XDA Developers YouTube Channel.

Mad Men inspire de nouveau Banana Republic

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Mad Men inspire de nouveau Banana Republic

agrandir +

©Banana Republic

Pour sa collection de prêt-à-porter homme et femme printemps été 2013, la marque américaine Banana Republic s’inspire à nouveau de la série à succès Mad Men. Cette saison, adieu les influences hippies chic et bonjour au mouvement Mod’s. Tout droit débarqués de la fin des sixties, les robes imprimées,Sandales Haut talon, les chemises colorées et les pantalons à pince font leur grand retour !


Banana Republic lance cette saison sa troisième édition de sa collection Mad Men, toujours en collaboration avec la costumière de la série, Janie Bryant.

Motifs graphiques, imprimés psychédéliques, couleurs pastel et robes cintrées annoncent la tendance rétro,Chaussures femme Ballerines. C’est le mouvement Mod’s dit « bobo » en français qui a inspiré cette collection vintage pour des silhouettes strictes et des vêtements ajustés. So chic !

Cet été, misez sur une jupe crayon au genou, un gilet boutonné près du corps et un foulard de couleurs. Et n’oubliez pas, côté coiffure, le chignon banane est LA coiffure rétro par excellence !

Cet été, back to the sixties avec Banana Republic !


Pour retrouver dès maintenant la collection Mad Men pour Banana Republic rendez-vous sur le site www.bananarepublic.com

Herramientas de depuración remota en Chrome para Android

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Herramientas de depuración remota en Chrome para Android

Desde la aparición del Navegador Chrome en Android,Carcasas iphone 5s, no han parado de aparecer novedades.
Una de ellas es el método de depuración, que es muy conocido a través de los desarrolladores web,Carcasas Galaxy note2, como una herramienta que les permite resolver el problema de visualización de una web sin necesidad de subir.

La novedad esta en que gracias a Chromen en Android nos permite realizar cambios “en caliente” páginas web para solucionar el fallo. A continuación un vídeo del método de depuración:

Para disfrutar deberemos tener a nuestra disposición el SDK de Android y el navegador de escritorio Chrome., configurando previamente el móvil para el desarrollo., Y seguiremos estos sencillos pasos.

1- Conectamos nuestro móvil al host mediante USB (Modo depuración activado). Para comunicarse con el dispositivo con Android, es necesario el Android Debug Bridge (adb).

2- En el dispositivo móvil, lanzar Chrome. Abrir  Configuración> Avanzadas> Herramientas de Desarrollo y comprobar si esta habilitado la opción de depuración, como se muestra en la imagen:

3- Ejecute la siguiente líne de comando comando en la consola en el equipo host para permitir el reenvío de puertos:

adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote

4- Abierto de Chrome de escritorio y vaya a localhost: 9222

5- Se le presentará con una lista de enlaces de páginas que actualmente abierta en el Chrome móvil. Haga clic en el enlace deseado. Por ejemplo:

6- Ahora puede iniciar la depuración y perfilado de contenido móvil en las Herramientas de desarrollo en su Chrome de escritorio.

Fuente: Google Code 

Some iPhone 5s owners reporting ‘Blue Screen of Death’ with iWork apps

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A number of iPhone 5s owners have taken to Apple’s support pages to report that their devices are occasionally plagued by a Windows-like “Blue Screen of Death” that resets the device when they are using Apple’s iWork suite of apps.

image via PCMag

Posts regarding the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) began to appear on Apple’s support boards in September, with users claiming that their iPhone 5s units would crash when using Apple’s iWork apps. Some users have posted videos showing the problem occurring when accessing the multitasking function while using an iWork app, while others say the problem occurs after quitting one of the apps.

The issue, which has also been reported for the iPad, causes an iOS device’s screen to show only blue. The device then resets. Some have reported that the issue has occurred even outside the use of Apple’s iWork apps, including while using Siri and while switching between other apps.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter,Galaxy S3 covers.

The iPhone BSoD issue could be seen as an ironic twist, as the name comes from a problem that has plagued Microsoft’s Windows operating system since version 3.1. Windows’ BSoD would display text informing users that their “PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.” The bug was prevalent enough that the Blue Screen of Death has its own Wikipedia page.

One apparent workaround for the iPhone BSoD is to disable iCloud syncing for iWork apps. Other users suggest exiting from an iWork app to the iOS home screen before attempting to switch to another app,Samsung Galaxy S III.

Die Galaxy-Falle Finger weg von diesen Samsung-Smartphones!

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Obacht: Samsung Galaxy ist kein Qualittsmerkmal,iPhone 5 Hüllen.

Von Top bis Flop
Die Top-Modelle Galaxy S2 und Galaxy S3 sind nicht nur voll im Trend, sondern auch auf dem aktuellen Stand der Technik. Die Werbung macht sich das groe Interesse zunutze und versucht auch Kufer fr die kleinen Modelle zu begeistern. Was die Anzeigen dabei gerne verschweigen: Mit einigen gnstigen Gerten machen Internet und Apps keinen Spa, denn die Schnppchen sind weit schlechter ausgestattet: Wer eines will, sollte also genauer hinschauen! Die Fotogalerie zeigt die Ausstattungsmerkmale aller Galaxy-Modelle und zeigt die Unzulnglichkeiten der Flops.

Die Galaxy-Falle Galaxy-Kaufberatung20 Samsung-Modelle

Achten Sie beim Kauf unbedingt auf folgende Werte:

    Bildschirm: Das Display des Galaxy S3 ist riesengro und sehr scharf (12,2 cm Diagonale, 1280×720 Pixel). Bei anderen Modellen, etwa dem Galaxy Pocket, ist es dagegen sehr klein und pixelig so macht Smartphone keinen Spa! Grundstzlich gilt: Finger weg von Gerten mit weniger als 8,iPhone 4 Hülle,9 cm (3,5 Zoll) Diagonale und Auflsungen von 320×240 Pixeln oder darunter.
    Arbeitstempo: Smartphones sind kleine Computer arbeiten sie zu langsam, wird die Bedienung zur Qual. Android-Gerte brauchen zudem einen flotteren Prozessor als iPhones oder Windows-Handys, um das gleiche Bedientempo zu erreichen: Im Galaxy sollte er mindestens mit ein Gigahertz arbeiten, fr aufwendige Apps und viele Daten ist ein Doppelkern-Prozessor ab zweimal 1,2 GHz zu empfehlen.
    Kamera: Wollen Sie Ihre Handy-Fotos spter ausdrucken, sollte mindestens eine Fnf-Megapixel-Kamera eingebaut sein. Wie gut die Bildqualitt wirklich ist, lsst sich allerdings nur im Test feststellen. Videos sehen am PC oder Flachbild-TV erst ab einer Auflsung von 1280×720 Bildpunkten scharf aus.
    Android-Version: Sicherheitslcken und Tempobremsen des Betriebssystems wurden erst ab Android 2.3 beseitigt. Ein Update auf Android 4.0 gibt’s nur fr die Top-Modelle Galaxy S2, Note und R. Das Galaxy S3 hat Ice Cream Sandwich bereits ab Werk.

    Testergebnis vs. Herstellerangabe: Die Smartphone-Lgen

    bersicht: Die besten SmartphonesSamsung, Apple, HTC, LG & Co.151 Handys bersicht: Samsungs Smartphone-Klassifizierung

The next big thing in the energy sector Photovoltaic generated DC electricity

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Nov. 5, 2013 — Energy consumption continues to grow. The costs of generation and transmission of energy must come down for the increased consumption to be sustainable. Energy must be generated without depleting resources, without causing pollution, and without incurring waste. Transmission of energy too must be efficient. These ideal goals, when realized, would enrich lives, regardless of economic distinction.

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A viable solution is the onsite generation of electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) method of converting solar energy directly into electrical energy. The PV method uses semiconductor devices called solar cells. With constant reduction of the cost,coque Samsung GALAXY N7100, this method is the most promising direct current (DC) power source for rich and poor globally. Due to the availability of solar energy all over the world, PV generation is not hostage to the usual geo-political constraints. Thus, it can power an energy revolution just like the information revolution powered by the internet continues to shape our world today.

Rajendra Singh, D. Houser Banks Professor in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and PhD student Githin F. Alapatt at Clemson University, along with and Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Charles Godfrey Binder (Endowed) Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics at the Pennsylvania State University, recently examined the most promising types of solar cells to power every home. 

Prof. Singh says that, as he had predicted in 1980, "the vast majority (~90 %) of installed more than 100 Giga Watt PV systems employ traditional photovoltaic panels made of Crystalline." Silicon is the second most abundant element in Earth’s crust. Due to lack of functional reliability and the concomitant lack of economic bankability, PV systems employing solar concentrators have not made a significant impact worldwide. The use of thin films of semiconductors such as cadmium telluride, amorphous silicon and copper indium gallium arsenide is still to make a major commercial impact. PV modules comprising organic and dye-sensitized solar cells shall not play a role in bulk power generation, without fundamental breakthroughs in material synthesis and performance.

For increasing the efficiency of single-junction solar cells beyond the current limitations, several new approaches have been proposed by scientists. These approaches are based on concepts such as multiple exciton generation, carrier multiplication, intermediate band gap and hot-carrier extraction etc. However, after applying manufacturing criteria to ensure commercial viability, the Clemson and Penn State researchers became pessimistic about the efficacy of these approaches for bulk power generation.

The researchers have proposed a new multi-terminal multi-junction architecture for inexpensive PV electricity generation. Efficiency will exceed the currently feasible 25%. The proposed architecture is based on the use of currently commercial Crystalline solar cells and thin-film solar cells made of materials (such as copper oxide) that are abundant in Earth’s crust. Management of the flux of solar photons through the solar cells is expected to boost efficiency,housse Samsung Galaxy S5, but the additional manufacturing costs to be incurred thereby remain unknown, according to the researchers.

Prof. Singh says that "the creation of local DC power grids can save power being lost in the transmission and unnecessary conversion from DC to alternating current (AC) and then back to DC." Most electronic appliances and electric loads operate on DC and by transmitting and converting AC power to DC about 30% of the total power generated is lost. Today, PV electricity generation and distribution on a DC microgrid is the best way to power villages without access to electricity. It is also the best option to replace aging power generation and transmission infrastructure in USA and other developed countries.

Una preview de Ubuntu para tablets disponible esta semana para Nexus 7 y 10

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Hace poco os presentamos la versión para móviles de Ubuntu, la famosa distribución del sistema operativo Linux. Hoy mismo, la gente de Canonical ha anunciado que a lo largo de esta semana lanzarán una preview de Ubuntu para tablets, concretamente para las Nexus 7 y las Nexus 10.

De todos modos, Canonical ha confirmado que se podrá implementar en otras tablets (sin especificar) con tamaños de pantalla comprendidos entre las 6″ y las 20″,Funda iPhone 4/4s, aunque los primeros modelos en llevarlo instalado de fábrica no aparecerán hasta el 2014.

Por lo pronto, os dejamos con el vídeo de presentación oficial hasta que se inicie el MWC, donde Canonical estará presente y allí obtendremos más información.

&nbsp,accesorios iphone 5s;

Ventes presse le retour..

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MONTAGE Ventes presse le retour..

Bonnes nouvelles les filles, les ventes presse sont déjà là, ça commence chaussures compensées dès demain avec Brontibay, ainsi qu’une vente pas presse mais privée à l’espace NGR : Sélection Vanessa Bruno & Isabel Marant, rien que ça… c’est votre banquier qui n’est pas prêt sandales talons hauts de se marrer.. hihihahahoho.. Comme d’hab mon calendrier à jour tout de panthère vêtu & velu, trendy mood ainsi que les cartons dont je dispose; à imprimer sur un A4 & à présenter à l’entrée (oui ça marche, sauf peut-être Brontibay.. merci de ne pas m’envoyer de mail pour me poser la question) :
: Brontibay.jpg
Dedikate: ddikate.jpg
Karine Arabian: KarineArabian.jpg
NGR: ngr.jpg

CALENDAR1 Ventes presse le retour..

pin it button Ventes presse le retour..